‘I do not go anyplace’ St. Louis resident says after a string of murders


ST. LOUIS, Mo. — It has been a violent week in St. Louis City and County. Seven people have been shot and killed and several more have been wounded in the gunfire. In the city of St. Louis City, 46 people have now been murdered this year.

The most recent murder happened Wednesday morning around 7:00 pm. Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX was over the scene on the 4700 block of Northland in North St. Louis. According to investigators, the body of a male victim was found in an alley. A North St Louis resident too fearful to show her face spoke out about the violence.

“We heard that police found a body set on fire in the back of the vacant building over here. This is my haven, my home. I don’t go anywhere because of the violence that is going on in St. Louis. You can be an innocent bystander and become a victim,” one resident said.

On Monday, police responded to the 4600 block of Gravios for a report of a shooting. Police found a 30-year-old man shot in the head. Police identified the victim as William Cooper. A suspect has been arrested.

On Tuesday, police responded to another murder in North St Louis around 5 pm for a person shot in the head at Newstead and Natural Bridge. The man died at the scene.

St. Louis Alderwoman Dwinderline Evans says she’s hopeful that the community will become safer.

“I’m hopeful we can work with our new mayor. She said she would focus on this ward. When I heard her say that, I said thank you Jesus. We need the help so we can have a safe place to live.

“Young people, put down the guns and settle your differences through conflict mediation. You are wiping out a generation of future leaders,” she said.

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