Watch This Golfer Hit an Wonderful Shot Right into a Rushing Automotive and Set a Guinness World File


Marcus Armitage and Paul O’Neil connected on an incredible shot that has gone viral on Twitter.

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30, 2021

2 min read

A professional golfer set a Guinness World Record earlier this month, after he hit a 303-yard drive into a BMW convertible that was cruising at 71 miles per hour. 

The moment was all captured in a commercial and shared on social media earlier this week. On Thursday, the European Tour’s Twitter account posted an approximately seven-minute video in which 33-year-old Marcus Armitage joined 41-year-old British race car driver Paul O’Neil to accomplish the impressive feat. The two had been aiming for the longest drive hit into a moving car. 

Landing a golf ball into a speeding car?@MarcusArmitage1 tries to do the impossible. @CallawayGolfEU | #EpicDriver

— The European Tour (@EuropeanTour) April 28, 2021

After the first few attempts, Armitage and O’Neil connected on a drive and celebrated prematurely before learning that Armitage’s drive was measured at 268 yards — just five yards short of the previous record set by golfer Jake Shepherd and driver David Coulthard. After a few more tries, Armitage and O’Neil connected on the record-breaking drive. 

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“Get in there!” Armitage screamed in excitement. 

As of this writing, the video has been liked nearly 3,000 times on Twitter.

“Nice! I hope that car didn’t get too many dents!” one person wrote in response.


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