Why does the SAT reject your computerized tax refund?


Do not forget to meet the following requirements in case you want to obtain your automatic balance refund in favor.

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28, 2021

3 min read

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As a natural person , when you make the annual presentation you have the possibility of obtaining a favorable balance, this means that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) will return the surpluses , without having to do any extra procedure, all through the refund system automatic.

What are the requirements to file the return and obtain the automatic refund?

When you file your return electronically with a password, e.firma or e.signature portable:

  • If your balance in favor is equal to or less than 10,000 pesos, the Annual Declaration can be submitted with a password
  • In the event that your credit balance is greater than 10,000 pesos and up to 50,000 pesos, you will be able to submit your Annual Declaration with a password, as long as you select an 18-digit Clabe account already preloaded in the DeclaraSAT. If you do not select one or capture a different one from the preloaded ones, you must present the return using the e.firma or the portable e.firma
  • The e.firma or portable e.firma is used when the balance in favor requested is greater than 50 thousand pesos

• If you indicated the return option in the tax return

• If you captured your Clabe bank account number, which is unique per taxpayer, therefore, it cannot be manifested by any other taxpayer and must be active

• If you correctly declared the Federal Taxpayers Registry of all your withholders

• If you correctly indicated the Federal Taxpayers Registry of the people with whom you carried out deductible and incentive operations

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When does the automatic refund not apply?

  • When the balance in favor exceeds 150 thousand pesos
  • If in 2020 the taxpayer obtained income from assets or businesses in joint ownership, conjugal partnership or inheritance
  • If the balance in favor does not correspond to fiscal year 2020
  • In the event that the taxpayer was suspended from the RFC during the fiscal year 2020
  • If the declaration is presented with a password when it should be done with e. Signature
  • If the taxpayer has revoked the certificates of seals, digital signatures or is in the list of non-compliant and condoned taxpayers published on the SAT portal.
  • In case it is as “not located” in your tax address

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What to do if you are not authorized?

In case your return has not been approved or yes, but partially, in the application you should consult the reasons and actions that you must carry out to solve it.

The amount of your authorized balance may be partial if there is a difference in the respective information in relation to withholdings, deductible expenses or incentives.

You can do this if your credit balance was not approved or only partially:

  • Submit a supplementary statement with the inconsistencies corrected
  • Request the return through the Electronic Return Format

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